Saturday, November 11

Orquesta Flamboyan - Se Viste De Gala

Me Siento Guajiro
Bailey's Four Women
Ay Carmela!

Que Cosa Tendran Las Mujeres
Joe's Landlord
El Merengue

Produced by Ralph Lew for Cotique Records
Recorded in 1970 in New-York.

With :

Frankie Dante (voc.)
Eddie Gonzalez Jr. (b.)
Billy "Tata" Baxter (timbales )
Jerry Gonzalez (congas on “Bailey’s Four Women”)
Ray Armando (congas)
Alex Ojeda (bongos and vocals on “Bailey’s Four Women”)
Joe Mannozzi (piano)
Joe "Chickie" Fuentes (trombone)
Angelo Rodriguez (trombone)
Harry Vigianno (guitar and tres)
Jose "Juicy" Cruz (guiro and claves)
Vince Garett (vibes)

A fantastic album of salsa with influences of carribean music (mento, ska) and funk. Venceremos is a killer dancefloor track for latin funk lovers!!

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Thursday, November 9

War - Live

Introduction by E. Rodney Jones Of Radio WVON, Chicago, Ill.
Sun Oh Son
The Cisco Kid
(Intro) Slippin Into Darkness

Slippin Into Darkness
Slippin Part. 2

All Day Music
(Intro) Get Down

Get Down

Produced by Jerry Goldstein, Lonnie Jordan & Howard Scott for Far Out Productions / United Artists Records
Recorded November 25th, 1972 at the High Chaparral, Chicago, Ill.

With :
Lonnie Jordan (kb, voc., g., perc)

B.B. Dickerson - (b., perc., voc)
Harold Brown - (drums)

Howard Scott - (g., perc., voc)
Charles Miller - (clarinet, fl., perc., sax., voc)

Lee Oskar - (harmonica, perc., voc.)
Papa Dee Allen - (perc, voc.)

This album is for me the best of War. Because it is their best period (72/73), the energy is really intense and their mastery on stage is incredible. All the tracks are over-boosted. The set includes Slippin' Into Darkness, All Day Music and Get Down in their original long form, as well as the previously unrecorded Ballero, a superb latin jam session that reached #33 on the pop and #17 on R&B singles charts.
But the track that makes me crazy is The Cisco Kid with the funkiest wahwah guitar I have ever heard!!

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