Monday, September 25

Raw Soul Express - Raw Soul Express

Dedicate All My Love
Burn the Candle

It's In You
All Alone
Right On
Music Meditation

Produced by George "Chocolate" Perry for Cat records & TK Productions
Recorded in 1976.

With :
Rickey Washington (voc., fl., bar. sax.)
Christopher Booker (tp, voc.)
Martel Williams (tp)
John McMinn (t. sax.)
Chris Perkins (kb)
Tommy Johnson (g.)
Diego Iborra (d.)
Albie Manno (b., voc.)

A rare and very great album of funk. 3 big tracks : It's In You, R.S.E., Emergency ; and a jazz-funk track with a smooth feeling : Music Meditation.

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Mike Longo - Funkia

Ole' for The Gypsies
Windmills Of Your Mind

What's Going On
The Last Tango In Paris
Southern Soul

Produced by Sonny Lester for Groove Merchant in 1973.

Michael Longo (ac. p., el. p.)
Ron Carter (b.)
Mickey Rocker (d.)
Potato Valdez (perc.)

Not such as funky as 900 Shares Of The Blues, this album is a great mix of jazz, brasillian groove and latin beats, with covers of Dizzy Gillespie, Les Mc Cann and Gato Barbieri.
The track Funkia is in a Blaxploitation OST mood.

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Sunday, September 24

Luis Gasca - Born To Love You

A Love Supreme
Dr. Gasca
Search For Peace
I Was Born To Love You (Yo Naci Para Quererte)

New Orleans Strut
Samba Para San Francisco
Just Say Goodbye

Produced by Orrin Keepnews
Recorded in Berkeley (Ca.) in 1974.
Arranged by Joe Gallardo, Luis Gasca & Jack DeJohnette

With :
Luis Gasca (tp, flugelhorn)
Oscar Brashear (tp)
Eddie Henderson (tp)
Ray Pizzi (sax, bassoon)
Joe Henderson (t. sax.)
Hadley Caliman (t. sax.)
Joe Gallardo (tb)
Julian Priester (tb)
Jack DeJohnette (el. p., d.)
George Duke (el. kb)
Mark Levine (ac. p.)
John Heard (ac. & el. b.)
David Holland (el. b.)
Terry Bozzio (d.)
Carmelo Garcia (perc.)
Victor Pantoja (perc.)

Luis Gasca plays here with all his friends (Joe Henderson, Hadley Caliman, Jack DeJohnette, etc.) in different moods : samba, jazz and jazz-funk.
Dr Gasca and New Orleans Strut are two great instrumental funk tracks.

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Grady Tate - Windmills Of My Mind

The Windmills Of Your Mind
And I Love Her
Sack Full Of Dreams
Would You Believe

Work Song
A Little At Time
Don't Fence Me In
All Around The World

Produced by Gary McFarland for Skye Recording.
Recorded in 1968 in NYC.
Arrangements : Mike Abene & Gary McFarland.

With :
Grady Tate (voc.)
Bob Cranshaw (b.)
Chuck Rainey (b.)
Billy Butler (g.)
Eric Gale (g.)
Herbie Hancock (org., p.)
Paul Griffin (p.)
Bob Thomas (d.)
Bernard Purdie (d.)
"Snookie" Young (tp)
Bernie Glow (tp)
Marvin Stamm (tp)
Jerome Richardson (sax, fl)
Joe Farrell (sax, fl)
Romeo Penque (sax, fl)
Sol Schlinger (sax, fl)
Danny Banks (sax, fl)
Urbie Green (tb)
Jimmy Cleveland (tb)
Jay McAlister (tuba)

Grady Tate was a very in-demand drummer in the 60s. This album is his first one as a singer. Here is a superb mix of soul, r'n'b, jazz and funk. The arrangements of Jerome Richardson and Gary McFarland are magnificent.

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Annette Peacock - The Perfect Release

Love's Out To Lunch
Solar Systems
American Sport
A Loss Of Consciousness
Rubber Hunger

The Succubus

Produced and composed by Annette Peacock and Aaron Sixx.
Recorded in London in 1979.

With :
Annette Peacock (voc.)
Max Middleton (kb)
Robert Ahwal (g.)
Richard Bailey (d.)
John McKenzie (b.)
Daryl Lee Que (perc.)
Lennox Langton (steel drums & perc.)

A psychedelic and groovy album with lots of floating atmospheres, Fender Rhodes (by Max Middleton), funky bass and rock drums. Annette Peacock raps, talks and sings on these grooves.

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Monday, September 18

The Joey Jefferson Band - The Joey Jefferson Band

Revolution Rap
Hot Lips
Walk On by

Baby Just To Love You
Sleep My Love
Hot Fun In The Summertime

Self-produced by Joey Jefferson for Mutt & Jeff Production.
Recorded in Los Angeles, California in 1975.

With :
Joey Jefferson (g.)
James Gadson (ds)
Leon Haywood (org.)
Ron Brown (b.)
Inez & Katherine (voc.)
Strings & Horns arranger : Willie Hoskins

A self-production by guitar player Joey Jefferson. As a big fan of Wes Montgomery, Joey's first solo album is as George Benson's or Kenny Burrell's ones at the end of the 60s.
A nice & funky groove with super drummer James Gadson (The Watts 103rd Street Band, Bill Withers)!!

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Sunday, September 17

Clifford Coulter - Do It Now, Worry About It Later

Ridin' On Empty
Yodelin' In The Whatchamaname Thang
Do It Now
Worry Later

Mr Peabody
Before The Morning Comes

Recorded in Los Angeles and San Francisco, 1971.
Produced by Ed Michel.

With :
Clifford Coulter (ac. p., g., org., voc., melodica, perc.)
John Turk (tp)
Harry "Sweets" Edison (tp)
Jimmy Cleveland (tb)
Willie Ruff (fr. horn)
Bill Perkins (a. s.)
Plas Johnson (b. s. & t.s.)
Marshall Royal (t. s.)
Mel Brown (g)
Sonny Glaze (g.)
Ray Maccarthy (g.)
Jimmy Calhoun (fender b.)
Ron Beck (ds)

The cover of this album is totally crazy, as much as the music is strongly funky. Very great musicians playing an instrumental funk, with jazz language and soul power.
A must-have for early-instrumental-funk lovers!!


Thursday, September 14

Cal Tjader - Lost Bolero In Berkeley

Gary's Theme
Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight
Charisma (She's Got)
Never Can Say Goodbye

Curtain Call
Where Is The Love
I Want You Back

Produced and arranged by Ed Bogas for Fantasy Record in 1973 (except Gary's Theme arranged by Cal Tajder in memory of Gary McFarland)

with :
Cal Tjader (vibes, percs)
Pearl Bonney (voc)
Jon Faddis (tp)
Billy Brooks (tp)
Don Cooke (tb)
Melvin Moore (tp)
Frank Wess (fl)
Seldon Powell (ts)
Herman Riley (ts)
Jerome Richardson (fl & ts)
Merl Saunders (el. p, org)
Ed Bogas (kb)
Mike Wolff (el. p)
Joe Beck (g)
Larry Carlton (g)
Randy Oda (g)
George Duvivier (b)
Chuck Rainey (el. b)
Dick Berk (ds)
Jimmy Johnson (ds)
Michael Smithe (perc)
Bobby Hall Porter (perc)
Ralph McDonald (perc)
King Errison (perc)
Mayuto Correa (perc)

A full-spectrum album by vibraphonist Cal Tjader. Including soul-jazz tracks (Gary's Theme, Charisma, Never Can Say Goodbye), samba-jazz (Curtain Call), bossa-nova (Where Is THe Love), a latin cover of Maurice Ravel's Bolero and an instrumental and funky version of Jackson 5 's I Want You Back.


Tuesday, September 12

Clifford Coulter - East Side San Jose

Do It Again
East Side San Jose
Prayer Garden
Cliff's Place

Sal si Puedes (Get Out If You Can)
Big Fat Funky Shirley
Alum Rock Park

Recorded in San Francisco and Los Angeles in april and may 1970
Produced by Ed Michel for Impulse/ABC Records

With :
Clifford Coulter (voc, ac. & el. piano, org, g.)
John Turk (tp)
Cornelius Bumphus (ts)
Gino Landry (as)
Mel Brown (g.)
Jerry Perez (rhythm g.)
Jimmy Calhoun (b.)
Joe Provost (d.)
Billy Ingram (d.)

An early and funky album by multi-instrumentist Clifford Coulter. Alum Rock Park and East Side San Jose are two uptempo tracks with a raw and funky sound. The rest of the album is composed by blues, soul, jazz and boogaloo tunes, always with a crunchy sound and very well recorded.


Saturday, September 9

Morris Wilson - Fantasy Island

Put You Foot On the Ground
Night Breeze
Beboppers Delight

Rock Bottom
Love Tones
Echoes Of The Past

Produced by Morris Wilson for Mowill Records. Recorded in Aleatoric Studio in 198?

with :
Morris Wilson (ts, voc)
Pierre Lewis (kb)
Andre Lewis (b)
Richard Lowe (d)
Rocky Garrity (d)
Michael Harris (perc)
Nancy Richardson (voc)
Roberta Davis (voc)
Howard Bivens (voc.)

A late album by saxophonist Morris Wilson, self-produced, in a Grover Washington Jr mood (when he was playing for CTI). With a cover of Booby Lyle's Night breeze and a parody of Sugarhill Gang's Rapper's Delight (Morris Wilson is scatting instead of rapping!!).


Friday, September 8

Charles Wright and The Watts 103rd Street Band - You're so Beautiful

Express Yourself II
Let's Make Love Not War
Just To Settle My Nerves

What Can You Bring Me?

Your Love Means Everything To Me
You're So Beautiful
I Got Your Love

Recorded at Goldstar Recording Studio, Hollywood, Ca in 1971.

with :
Charles Wright (org, piano, g, arr.)
Gordon DeWitty (org)
Monk Higgins (piano, arr.)
James Gadson (drums, arr.)
Melvin Dunlap (bass)
Benorce Blackmon (guitar)
John Rayford (sax)
Bill Cannon (sax)
Gabriel Flemmings (tp, arr.)
Joe Banks (tp)

One of those very funky albums by Charles Wright and his excellent musicians. Including a special version of ExpressYourself : all the band scatting and jamming on the drummer's beat. And the funky track What Can You Bring Me? Contains samples.
A lesson of groove.


Bobby Bryant - Swahili Strut

Swahili Strut
A Prayer For Peace

Kriss Kross
We've Only Just Begun
The Beauty Of Her Soul
Nite Crawlers

Recorded in 1971
Produced by Gene Barge for Cadet Records
Arrangements by Bobby Bryant and John Klemmer (The Beauty Of Her Soul)

with :
Bobby Bryant (t)
Bob Norris (congas)
Herman Riley (ts)
Charles Owens (ts)
Carl Lott (d)
Henry Cain (org)
David T Walker (g)
Arthur Adams (g)
Willie Allen (b)
Max Bennett (b)
Delbert Hill (bs)
Joe Sample (p)
Brass section on The Beauty Of Her Soul and A Prayer For Peace :
David Duke (french horn), Buddy Childers, Cat Anderson, Albert Arrons, Oscar Brashear, Freddy Hill (trumpets), Groven Mitchell, Lou Blackburn, Mike Wimberley, George Bohannon (trombones), Tommy Johnson (tuba).

Very nice album by californian trumpet player Bobby Bryant. Mostly notable for the track A Prayer For Peace, a very powerful big-band funk-jazz tune with a great brass section and a slight blaxploitation feel. Also features a smooth cover of the Curtis Mayfield track We've Only Just Begun and two other very soulful laidback mid-tempo tracks (Swahili Strut, Nite Crawlers).

Joe Henderson - Canyon Lady

Tres Palabras
Las Palmas

Canyon Lady
All things considered

Produced by Orrin Keepnews for Milestone Records
Recorded in October 1973 at Berkeley, Ca

with :
Joe Henderson (ts)
Luis Gasca, Oscar Brashear, John Hunt (tp)
Julian Priester, Nicholaas TenBroek (tb)
Hadley Caliman, Ray Pizzi, Vincent Denham (flutes)
George Duke (el. piano)
Mark Levine (ac.piano)
John Heard (b)
Eric Gravatt (d)
Carmelo Garcia, Victor Pantoja, Francisco Aguabella (perc.)

Modal and funky jazz album by saxophonist Joe Henderson on Milestone Recordings. He mixes here latin, funk and modal jazz to get into a perfect mood, both deep and groovy. George Duke on Fender Rhodes and Luis Gasca on trumpet are at their best. Contains a sample of Troublemakers' Express Way.
Probably one of his best album.


Wednesday, September 6

Bill Cosby - Sings A Rocking Soul Album By "Silver Throat"

Bright Lights, Big City
Big Boss Man
Hush Hush
Baby, What you Want Me To Do
Tell Me You Love Me
Aw Shucks, Hush Your Mouth

Little Ole Man
Mojo Workout
I Got A Woman
Don'cha Know
Place In The Sun

Recorded in 1967
Produced by Fred Smith for Warner Bros Recording

Featuring the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band :
Al McKay (g)
Gabe Flemings (p, tp)

Melvin Dunlap (b)
James Gadson (d)
Big John Rayford (sax)
Bill Cannon (sax)
Ray Jackson (tb)

The first musical album by Bill Cosby! Not a funky album, featuring mostly rythm'n'blues, soul & blues tracks including covers of Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder and Willie Dixon. The single Little Ole Man, a cover of Stevie Wonder's Uptight reached the Top40 in 1967! Not to bad for a first studio recording!!

Letta Mbulu - Naturally

Afro Texas
Learn To Love
Noma Themba

Never Leave You
Now We May Begin
Saddest Day

Produced by Caiphus Semenya for Junat Productions
Arrangements by Caiphus Semenya, Wayne Henderson , Jimmy Jones

with :
Julian "Cannonball" Adderley (as)
Nat Adderley (tp)
Joe Sample (key)
Arthur Adams (g)
David T. Walker (g)
Wilton Felder (b)
Stix Hooper (d)
Letta Mbulu (vcl)

The whole african soul of Letta Mbulu is present on this wonderful album. All these top musicians light up her voice.
"Songs like Kube, Noma Themba, Hareje and Zimkile reflect how comfortable - maybe a little slick - Mbulu could be at the crossroads of African and American music" Doug Payne.

Check also the breaks on Afro Texas!
You will understand why this album is one of my favourite.


Janne Schaffer - The Chinese

Halkans Affair
No Registration

The Chinese
Harvest Machine
Daniel Sover
Fillet Mignon
Air Mattress

with :
Bengt Karlsson (g)
Bjorn J:son Lindh (flute, kb)
Halan Nyqvist (tr)
Jan Bandel (perc., vibes)
Jan Tolf (perc.)
Janne Schaffer (g)
Malando Gassama (perc.)
Ola Brunkert (d) (he was Abba's drummer)
Slim Notini (p)
Stefan Brolund (b)
Sven Larrson (tb)

Recorded in 1974
Originally issued on De Luxe/Vertigo/Phonogram

A nice recording by swedish guitarist (the third) with a smooth funky groove with lots of floating atmoshperes and funky breaks. May be sampled. Recorded originally in 1974, but a re-issue was produced by Butt records in 1986.


Syl Johnson - Diamond In The Rough

Let Yourself Go
Don't Do It
I Want To Take You Home (To See Mama)
Could I Be Falling In Love
Stuck In Chicago

Diamond In The Rough
Keeping Down Confusion
Please, Don't Give Up On Me
Music To My ears
I Heard The Love Chimes

Produced by Willie Mitchell for Hi Recording
Recorded at Memphis in 1974 .

Probably not the best album of Syl Johnson, but here is a very good one of Memphis Soul.
Don't Do It and Keeping Down Confusion could make you appreciate the last rays of the sun in autumn!!


Hugh Brodie - And The Real thing

The Real Thing
Down Lonely Roads

Cornbread & Beans

Since My Baby (Left Me Standing Alone)
Utopian Chant
Truthful One
The Get Down Song

produced by KHEBA MUSIC
Recorded at Sound House Studios, Newburgh,
NY, june 1975

with :
Hugh Brodie (vocals, ts & ss)
Tyrone Crabb (b)
Bob Devos (g)
Allen Fallek (tp & fh)
Joe Anello (drums & perc.)
Bob Santiago (perc.)
Donna Brodie (vocals)

Here is a very funky fusion album, mixing afrofunk, jazz and rock. Some of the tracks sound like Nat Adderley's productions at the end of the 60s. Both deep and dancefloor.
Utopian chant is in a very spiritual-jazz mood.
Exactly in the line of Blackjazz Records.



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