Sunday, September 24

Annette Peacock - The Perfect Release

Love's Out To Lunch
Solar Systems
American Sport
A Loss Of Consciousness
Rubber Hunger

The Succubus

Produced and composed by Annette Peacock and Aaron Sixx.
Recorded in London in 1979.

With :
Annette Peacock (voc.)
Max Middleton (kb)
Robert Ahwal (g.)
Richard Bailey (d.)
John McKenzie (b.)
Daryl Lee Que (perc.)
Lennox Langton (steel drums & perc.)

A psychedelic and groovy album with lots of floating atmospheres, Fender Rhodes (by Max Middleton), funky bass and rock drums. Annette Peacock raps, talks and sings on these grooves.

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John D said...

I've been playing this record on my radio show ever since it was released. A powerful recording and technically perfect. As for Annettte, she is so coool and concise. A wonderful voice.