Tuesday, March 20

Interview of Byard Lancaster / Sounds Of Liberation

Founded in 1971, the individual members of Sounds of Liberation are all leaders in their own right. From the very start, the group built their reputation as innovative artists, playing gigs everywhere throughout Philadelphia, especially in Germantown’s Vernon Park. They recorded their first album in 1972, the self-titled Sounds of Liberation, on the Dog Town label. As their touring schedule expanded, Sounds of Liberation appeared at the Miss Black America Pageant, the New York City Arts Festival, Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall and numerous colleges and universities throughout the United States. The original members included Jamal, Lancaster, Sudler, Hill and James, in addition to the late percussionist Rashid Salime and bassist Billy Mills who has since changed his instrument to the piano.

Through the decades, all of the members have continued to consistently front their own bands and recordings, compose and publish their original music, and conduct workshops, seminars, master classes and lecture demonstrations for students ranging from pre-kindergarten through the undergraduate and graduate levels at universities. Individually and collectively their artistry has become known worldwide, particularly in Europe, Japan and the Philippines. Since their inception the Sounds of Liberation have defied classification, choosing instead to create a menagerie of original music that is fresh, free, lyrical, percussive, highly cultivated and spiritually elevated.

We met them in September 2006, for their show at La Villette and it was probably one of the best show I have ever seen.

These are some audio samples of our interview of the master Byard Lancaster :

Wegofunk : As a pionneer of free jazz, can you tell us more about this music?
Byard Lancaster : Audio Sample

Wegofunk : You don't sing but you have a message. What is the message contained in your music?
Byard Lancaster : Audio Sample

Wegofunk : You recorded a great jazz-funk 45 in Paris at the end of the 70s. What do you like into funk music?
Byard Lancaster : Audio Sample
Listen to Just Test

Wegofunk : You played with the best jazz musicians. Can you just describe us some musicians you played with on stage?
Byard Lancaster : Audio Sample

Wegofunk : What about the Sounds of Liberation?
Byard Lancaster : Audio Sample
Wegofunk : Is Jazz dance the inspiration of Sounds of Liberation?
Byard Lancaster :Audio Sample

Wegofunk : Something to add?
Byard Lancaster : Audio Sample

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