Saturday, October 14

Ceasar Frazier - 75

Mighty Mouse
Summer Breeze
Sweet Children

Funk It Down
Living For The city
Walking On The Side

Produced by Bob Porter for Westbound Records.
Arranged and conducted by Horace Ott.

With :
Ceasar Frazier (org., el. p., kb)
Jon Faddis (tp)
Joe Shepley (tp)
Garnett Brown (tb)
Charlie Brown (t. sax.)
Babe Clarke (b. sax)
Horace Ott (ac. & el. p.)
John Tropea (g.)
David Spinozza (g.)
Richie Resnikoff (g.)
Cornell Dupree (g.)
Wilbur Bascomb (b.)
Bernard Purdie (d.)
Jimmie Young (d.)
Buddy Caldwell (perc.)
Joe Venuto (perc.)

On the ring : Ceasar Frazier versus Horace Ott (B3 Hammond versus Fender Rhodes). It is the most sensational and spectacular meeting of the Year (75, as the title of the album). A fabulous dance between all those musicians. The arrangements are massive and the beat is fat.
A must-have for jazz and funk lovers.

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