Saturday, October 7

Harold McNair - The Fence

The Fence
True Love Adventure
Early In the Morning

Scarborough Fair
Here, There and Anywhere

Recorded in Chelsea, England in 1970.
Produced by Sandy Roberton for September Productions and B&C Records

With :
Harold McNair (sax., fl. & el. sax.)
Rick Grech (b.)
Keith Tippett (p.)
Colin Green (g.)
Alan Branscombe (p.)
Terry Cox (d.)
Danny Thompson (ac. b.)
Tony Carr (perc.)

This is not funk but a very funky 70s jazz played by jamaican flautist and his english band. Harold McNair is really a fantastic musician inspired by Roland Kirk. All the tracks are both soulful and modern.

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Chap said...

This record has just been reissued on CD by Hux Records. I bought my copy at Dusty Groove.